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Friday Pictures

Yeah, it's that time again. I'd have more, but I've been swamped this week, between my busted hand and my insistence on finding a way to work around it and play Vampire: Bloodlines anyway. ;)

A woman walking in the snow through Azadi (Freedom) Square, in Tehran

What to do with all those old keyboards you have laying around? Paint them and cover your car, of course...

Bill Belichick, coach of the Patriots, getting "toasted" after the Super Bowl. That's his Dad, to the right.

Obligatory Cute Cat Picture

Honey, you got the brakes fixed, right? Just checking...

Dancers at Carnivale, in Rio de Janeiro

Is this legal?

Reebok should stick to shoes

Let's hope he was just lulling the deer into a false sense of security, for the sake of his pride

Starting the kid off right

You've felt this way before, haven't you?

Had to save this one for last. It's one of my favourite images. I have two or three things that reduce me to helpless laughter, no matter what mood I'm in, and this pic is one of them.

Hope the week was worth getting through, and the weekend is worth waiting for.


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