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Congrats, most all of you saw through my little attempt to mislead you, and correctly answered that NONE of the numbers you selected would be people with unlisted phone numbers, since unlisted people wouldn't be in the book. OK, OK, I give, no more cheap attempts at misdirection...for now.
"I told you," cried Sid Shady. "I came up north to track and kill the great brown bear that attacked that family of campers. On my second day I found his tracks, and by nightfall I was hot on his trail. Early the next morning, I sighted him heading east. The sun was shining in my eyes, so I couldn't see much more than his silhouette. The bear was uncanny. He lost me several minutes later when he cut through a stream. Knowing he might hide and charge me, I got behind a rock and squinted into the sun to search for movement. Suddenly, a shadow came up from behind me. Panicked, but certain it was the bear, I whirled around and shot. To my horror, I shot and killed Dan Manly." "That story won't hold," said Detective Shadow. Why not?

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