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So, I'm perusing a site that I hit almost every night, for the pictures it posts, daily. A wide selection of pictures, sometimes funny, sometimes gross, sometimes disturbing. I come across an animated GIF that shows pictures of a dead cat, in various states of disembowelment. yeah, yucky, fine, but the comments to it are consistently of the "oh my god, that's disgusting, I hope that cat scratched him when he did that, I hope that fucker dies, that's so sick" variety. What makes this hilarious to me is that, not three pictures away is a boot and lower leg, the skin hanging limp, bloody, obviously torn from some poor woman in a vehicle accident...and the comments are laughing, saying how she "must have been drunk, that dumb bitch", etc., a regular comedy goldmine goin' on in there.

Simply fascinating. A human is ripped apart, and made fun of. A feline is torn apart, and it's the sickest thing ever. You wanna see human gore, you're just one of the rest of them, no worries, hey, it's all cool; you wanna see a dead cat and you're a pervert who should be locked up.

Priorities are funny things.

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