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Lowenbrau IV, The "Here's To Good Friends, Tonight Is Kinda Special" Planet

So, got a ride home last night with friends, they're gonna drop me off at the house, and they and Eric were going to go hang out...

...but halfway there, I am asked "You're hanging with us tonight, right?" So what the Hell, more fun anyway.

So, quick stop for booze and there we are. caliban actually gets carded (wasn't carrying his ID...d'oh), so the booze is on me (Captain Morgan's and Tarantula, of course...Cap'n'Coke and Tarantula Margaritas all around!). We grab some games and head to Chip's place, drink and play PS2 games for hours, when rayce calls, was seeing what I was doing, thought about coming over and doing a late birthday thing.

Well, I'm just in the mood. Make plans for bowling (woo!) today, and head out, Rayce picks me up and off to the house. We end up watching 'Noises Off' and 'Labyrinth' and drinking rather heavily (especially on my part), and then the PlayStation gets turned on...Rayce has discovered 'Silent Hill'. Suddenly, it's 6am...yeesh...off to bed.

caliban owns an old BMW now...and will chat on his cell phone at the same time. Eek, a gothic yuppie...

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