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Here's the funny part: I had an answer for that challenge, and only one person got it right. However, so many other answers were given (that were just as valid), that I'm giving credit for them...smart people. The answer I had was that "Oil" was the odd word out, being the only one of the four that can rhyme with another word in the English language. Credit is given for the following:
Month, b/c doesn't start with an "O" (too easy, but true)
Oriole because it's the only one with more then one syllable.
Oil because it's the only one with less then five characters.
Month because it represents a "concept" as opposed to an "object"
Orange because it indicates an both an object *and* a concept unlike the rest which only indicate one or the other.
OIL, because it's the only word you can type using just one hand on a QWERTY keyboard.
Month, the only word whose letter count is not divisible by three.
Excellent, simply excellent. OK, it's Friday, which means I need to give you one to chew on for the weekend...get your detective caps on...
Two men escaped from prison. Their footprints led to the edge of a cliff which is perpendicular to the sea, some 100 yards below. The soil was not disturbed anywhere in this area, except for their footprints. One man was over six feet tall and the other was barely five feet. According to the footprints, the taller man took a shorter stride. The shorter man walks heavily on his heels. The taller man walked behind the shorter man, because he sometimes treaded over the smaller footprints, but never the other way around. They could not have walked backwards over their own footprints since each footprint is without overlap. The two men received no assistance and they did not jump. How did they manage to leave the cliff without leaving any retreating footprints?
OK, puzzlers, get puzzlin'. Remember, they'd just escaped prison and were running, so they didn't have anything with them, nor time to contact anyone else.

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