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Well, there's good news, and there's funny news.

Good news: Egyptian Doctors Remove Baby's Second Head: The picture with this one is seriously freakshow. A 10-month old girl, with a complete head attached to her own at the upper left part of the skull, has successfully survived the operation to remove it. The head was apparently capable to blinking and smiling, but not life separate from the young girl. She'll be in ICU a little longer, and there's still chances of things not going well, but so far things are looking good. Congrats to Egypt for the surgery.

Funny news: you may remember, not long ago, a story that went around about two young girls who made cookies for many of their neighbours, and then delivered them as surprises late one night. One house they knocked on the door, no one answered, even though it was obvious someone was home, so they left the cookies and skedaddled. The lady there got herself so worked up that she went to the ER the next day, thinking she was having a heart attack. In the end, she successfully sued, getting some money for the medical bills (but not the huge amount she was trying to sue for, in punitive damages, thankfully). Well, I guess life hasn't been too rosy for her and her husband since then. People have called constantly, deriding them for the lawsuit, everything from simply voicing an opinion to swearing, name-calling, threatening harm and wishing death. Interestingly enough, lots of people have sent cookies. Her response? "They've robbed us of our laughter. My spirit, my soul, is damaged." She says, after the door-knocking incident, she was so worked up, she called the police, who found no evidence of any crime committed, but DID find the cookies. The next day she went to ER. The families of the two girls even offered to pay the $900 in medical bills, but this never happened. At first, they were waiting to see the medical bills, which she never produced, and later, they asked her to sign an affidavit that stated that she would accept the paid bills and not sue later, a request she was bothered by...though, in today's lawsuit-happy world, that seems just as reasonable as suing two teen girls for making you cookies. Frankly, in my personal opinion, this bitch deserves all the bullshit she gets out of this, and none of it would have happened if she wasn't such an annoying, obnoxious bitch-whore.

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