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Jeezus, I leave the world for a day and a half and everything goes insane. yes, I did my best to catch up on everyone's LJ's, but after 250 entries, my eyes glazed over. my apologies if there was something you really wanted my opinion on.

Hunter S. Thompson shot himself?!? See, I have some odd mixed emotions here. First off, I'm deeply saddened for the loss to the world. But then I start to wonder: was it accidental? I don't see anything that specifies, and knowing his tendency to fool around with guns, I wouldn't be surprised. If it was intentional, think about it; would you really have it any other way? Would you want him to grow old(er) and infirm? Nope. So yes, it sucks dead donkey balls that he's gone...but there's almost no more fitting way for him to go at this point.

Sandra Dee died as well. She was before my time, but I'll always remember her in The Dunwich Horror. OK, that's two, where's the third? Celebrity deaths, you know...

Paris Hilton's Sidekick gets hacked and I think it's a riot. Now, yes, this is a serious invasion of privacy, and I don't condone it in the least. Pathetic media whore she may be, but that doesn't justify hacking her stuff, and putting her entire phone book on the 'Net, that was just wrong. The funny part for me is looking over the pictures from her camera phone...which are almost all pictures she's taken of herself, all with that same look, that same tilt of the head, etc. You can tell she's practised. Narcissism, thy name is Paris.

Lastly, for my fellow Lovecraft fans, SOTA Toys has revealed their 'Nightmares of Lovecraft' line, and they look absolutely incredible. Serious bouts of WANTWANTWANT are happenin' for me, right now...

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