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Oh man...waking up this morning with my legs not hurting was beautiful. I almost wish I'd had a pedometer over this weekend, to know just how far I walked...

I'm just glad to be back home. It was a long weekend, and a rough one, and I loved it, but it's good to be home. I missed my ladies, I missed my bed, I missed heat, and I missed my computer. Now that I'm back, though, things can settle back down to quasi-normality. get things done around the house, get things back on track. I have icons to make, CD's to get in the mail, stuff to clean and fix, work to do (as of this morning), and whatnot.

It's kinda funny to see things after I've been gone for a bit. I'm not sure I'm ever allowed to go away by myself for any significant time again. ;)

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