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Yes, I'm a day late with the mindplay, tough. It gave you an extra day to think about the last question...and that was a serious bitch, wasn't it? woap was the closest, but still not quite right. How did they pull off this daring escape?
When they neared the cliff, the tall man took off his shoes and gave them to the short man, who walked to the edge of the cliff while carrying them. There, he put on the tall man's shoes and walked backwards, over his own footprints. Once out of the sand, they wandered off another direction. This explains why the tall man's prints were always over the short man's prints, why the tall man had a short stride and why he seemed to walk heavily on his heels.
So, does this mean I should go easy on you this time? How about a little retro-technology quiz?
How many grooves are there on each side of a standard 33 1/3 record album that has six songs on each side?
I need a new vinyl player, I miss my LPs.

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