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dicordian and I were talking about things this morning, including music, when he mentioned some show in VH-1, "50 Most Awesomely Bad Songs" or something, and how it was a bunch of 90's reject actors talking about how bad the 80's anthems were...reasons that made no sense, and/or were just stupid. Personally, I'm glad I didn't see it...

discordian: Man... I was so worked up during this show.
archmage: No doubt...it abused the anthems of our time for no actual good reason.
discordian: Well... not my time, but I'm not letting facts cloud the issue.
archmage: Maybe you weren't there at the time, but they are still "of your time", for what they mean to you
discordian: It's downright embarrassing, but biologically, I'm the child of the 90s.
archmage: Eh, only physically
archmage: Mentally, you're an 80's rocker right beside me
discordian: Ya damn skippy!
discordian: Graduated with honors from Frank's School of Cock Rock.
archmage: Graduated 'magna cum LOUD'

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