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If you get the chance, you simply MUST see Kung-Fu Hustle. This is the next film by the cinematic geniuses who brought you Shaolin Soccer, and is even better. Looked great, played well, funny as Hell, overall fuckin' FABULOUS. Check out the trailer here. See it. As in as soon as you can.

Speaking of movies, I don't know how many of you saw House of the Dead, and believe me, I'm not recommending you do. Uwe Boll claimed this was going to be a "horror classic" and would make "horror history", and it does...by being perhaps one of the worst films ever made. As in Ed Wood might look at it and wonder what he was smoking, or he might love it, either way, terrible. Whether you've seen it or not, you should do yourself a favour and go read this review/synopsis of the movie. It's quite long because, as the author states, there simply is no scene in the film that doesn't suck for some reason or another. This long, rambling article picks it apart, and will keep you giggling. If you never saw the flick, you won't need to after this (though you may laugh enough to WANT to sit through it, just for comedic purposes!), and, if you HAVE seen it, then you'll laugh with remembrance. I have a feeling I'll be watching it again soon, just to look out for some of the things mentioned that I missed.

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