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OK, quickies, let's see here...

This So-Called Disaster - a documentary of the weeks just prior to Sam Shepard's stage production of his play "The Late Henry Moss." Interesting if you are into theatre, or is you just want to see how scruffy Nick Nolte is looking these days.

The Best of TromaDance Film Festival 3 - A couple of them bored me to sleep, but most of the short films here were a lot of fun to watch.

The Grudge - by 20 minutes into the film, I damn near gave up and turned it off...it just dragged so badly. Eventually it picked up and was pretty good, mostly because it was very faithful to the original Japanese film (keeping it set in Japan helped this a lot, kept out a lot of useless Americanising). Christ, who ever told Sarah Michelle Gellar she could act? What a useless waste of flesh and air.

Cube Zero - OK, I loved it, but, as stated, I'm a fan of the series. Nice to finally get a little more back story, though the writer should have compared the characters to the first one before finalising the script; he might have noticed the similarities. Still, interesting and thought-provoking. Here's hoping for a fourth.

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