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Man, that last one must have scared you with it's simplicity...a lot less responses than normal. Most guessed a quarter of a pound, but only akaspeedo got it spot on: just less than a quarter pound, since you'll lose some to sawdust in the cutting. You're right, bojo427, there was a trick in there...;)

Ready for today's? Another murder mystery, and royhuggins will be happy to see that Sid Shady is nowhere to be seen:
The mailman, Sam Sham, found Jed Recluse dead on his basement floor. Sam said he grew suspicious when he noticed that Jed had not taken his mail from the day before, so he decided to search the house. he found Jed with a large blood stain on the back of his head. there was an old rag and some motor oil spilt on the floor next to the freezer. It looked like he had slipped and hit his head on the freezer's edge. When Shadow inquired about the blood stain on Sam's sleeve, Sam said he had examined the body quickly before calling the police. He thought he must have accidently brushed against Jed's wound. Jed's body temperature was low enough that death could have occurred at least 12 hours before. Even though Sam's alibi for the alleged time of death is airtight, Shadow was still convinced of Sam's guilt. How could Sam have done it, and why is Shadow so certain?

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