God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

End Of Day

So, yes, I spent a good four hours of my day, sitting around Di's office. I was smart, I took a couple books and some source material for my games, so I was set. Spent the whole time reading "Bored of the Rings" cover to cover (a book which, if you've never read, you should, because it's a fuckin' riot). Of course, this was all after a really fun way to get a day started...yeah, you know what I mean. Left out of there, grabbed some lunch, and headed for home.

The afternoon was slow (but for a single bit of synchronicity, doncha love it?), in fact, I took a severe dive, dunno why. Mood went deep and apathetic, and my energy vanished. I got as comfy on the couch as I could and just closed my eyes. Slept a little, not much, mostly just zoned out completely. Still, eventually we got up, grabbed some food and some movies, and I bounced back (speaking of which, snagged a couple flicks on the cheap that we've been wanting to own, May and Scotland, PA, which is great).

Tomorrow should be boring and normal...which will be nice. I realized I haven't been up to the farm in about a month, due to stuff going on, mostly with the movie. Nice to have an easy weekend for a change!

Um...yeah. Don't have any clue why you'd care. But at least it's not a post rambling on about "Frienditto"!

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