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Expand Your Mind

Must have been some hard ones...but here are your answers.
1. The situation is physically impossible. The existence of an irresistible force implies that there are no immoveable objects, and vice versa. Therefore, this could never happen.

2. RD ST ND represents third, first, and second: 3rd, 1st, 2nd

3. Take the bottom-most coin, and move it on top of the coin at the intersection. both directions now add up to 6.
Long weekend for most, I imagine. Ready for a new one? Murder situations always get good responses...
Shadow opened the door to Dr. Adam Apple's office and surveyed the scene. Dr. Apple's head lay on his desk surrounded by a pool of blood. On the floor to his right lay a small handgun. There were powder burns on his right temple indicating that he was shot at close range. On his desk was a suicide note, and his right hand held the pen that had written it. Shadow recorded the time as 3:30 pm, and ascertained that death had occurred within the past hour. As Shadow was gathering clues, Dr. Apple's wife burst into the office and screamed, "Good Lord, my husband's been shot!" She ran toward him, saw the note and cried, "Why would he want to kill himself?" "This was no suicide," said Shadow, "this is clearly a case of murder." How does he know?
Detective Shadow, master of clues...

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