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Very sharp, y'all. No way could Dr. Apple have shot himself on the right, and write the suicide note afterwards with his right hand, so the pen could not be there, if it WERE suicide. I agree, I'd place Mrs. Apple under immediate suspicion.

OK, get your heads around this one:
Mr. Greenwich and his wife were shopping when they decided to go their separate ways to speed things up. They agreed to meet at the bank at 2:00pm. Mr. Greenwich realized several minutes later that he had forgotten his watch. He asked a lady walking by for the correct time. Her watch was five minutes fast, but she thought it was ten minutes slow. Mrs. Greenwich had also forgotten her watch, so she asked a gentleman passing by for the correct time. The man's watch was ten minutes slow, but he thought it was fifteen minutes fast. Taking into account the errors in the watches, who was at the bank first, and at what time did they arrive?
What's with the forgotten watches? Yeesh...

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