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Expand Your Mind

A lot of creative answers, and some fairly technical ones, but in the end, the answer is simple: if they were flying off the coast of South America, neither would hit the ground, they'd hit the water. ;) Kudos to those of you that got it. Friday means multiples for the weekend!
1. In Hawaii, if you drop a steel ball weighing five pounds from a height of 45 inches, will it fall more rapidly through water at 20 degrees Fahrenheit or water at 40 degrees Fahrenheit...or will it make no difference?

2. How can you physically stand behind your father while he is standing behind you?

3. Which is correct to say, 'The yolk of the egg are white' or 'The yolk of the egg is white'?
And, no, I didn't actually plan the first question to follow yesterday's, just coincidence. I swear.

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