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Well, let's see here...at least half of you figured out the the ball will fall faster through the 40 degree water, since 20 degree water is frozen; almost everyone figured out that you'd be standing back-to-back with your father (though, I like the couple answers I got which said that you stood behind your father while he verbally defended you, I.e. :"I stand behind my child."); and everybody figured out that the correct phrase is "The yolk is yellow". Well done, ready for today's?
Heidi Bush has a cottage situated on a well treed lot in Northern Ontario. She enjoys keeping her lot in top condition by fertilizing, pruning, and removing deadwood and broken branches. However, Heidi has a rather strange habit regarding her little forest. Every once in a while, she'll chop down a perfectly healthy tree and put it in a large pot. She'll continue to water the tree and fertilize it, etc., and a short time later, when she grows tired of it, she burns it. Could there be any rational explanation for this weird behaviour?
Other than schizophrenia, of course. ;)

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