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I'm Such A Scapegoat

discordian and I, talking about his recent temporary move to Ohio...
discordian: .... watch, something's going to happen, and I'm going to end up staying here for like 8 years.
discordian: I'm gonna do something stupid like fall in love or something.
archmage: Shut up, man...no fate-tempting
discordian: Oh, I'm expecting it.
discordian: Our lady can't just pass up an opportunity like this.
archmage: Which is why you shouldn't tempt her
discordian: Yeah... you know... I don't think it much matters in my case. I must have a bullseye or something on my ass.
archmage: Quite possibly
discordian: And I blame you.
archmage: Me?
discordian: Yes you.
archmage: Why me?
discordian: Hell, I don't know. But can you think of anyone more likely to be responsible for something like that?
archmage: Hmmm....
archmage: Nope.
discordian: So I blame you.
archmage: OK, I accept that.

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