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Expand Your Mind

Kinda late in the day, but gimme a break, eh? A few of you figured out that Dan's friend must be female, and named Susan...not that hard, really. OK, 3 for the weekend!
1. Professor Bumble has a box of socks in his closet containing 24 red socks and 24 green socks. Bumble wants to be certain his socks match, but cannot see in the colours since his closet is completely dark. What is the minimum number of socks that Bumble needs to remove in order to be certain of having two socks of the same colour? Explain.

2. Dee Septor, the famous magician, recently claimed that he had been in New York City performing a feat that no one else had accomplished. he boasted that he had walked on his hands for a mile and a half down a typical cement sidewalk before he lost his balance and fell. What is wrong with Dee Septor's claim?

3. A man walked into the 'Salty Dog' tavern and ordered a fish fillet sandwich, a glass of dark rum, and some female company. The proprietor turned to him and said, "Look, sailor, the first two requests are no problem, but the third request is out of my hands." What made the proprietor think the man was a sailor?

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