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2:00 pm - Di drops me off at home, she and Erik go to the grocery
2:30 pm - Go to sleep
4:30 pm - Wake up to find them home, still feel rotten
11:30 pm - set a movie to encoding (should take about an hour and a half) and went to bed and read for a while
12:15 am - put down the book, go check the encoding (working fine)
1:00 am - final check, program finished, go to bed.
2:12 am - get back up, coughing and sneezing keeping me from sleep
2:30 am - get online, attempt to distract myself, talk to theatresphynx for a bit
5:30 am - go back to bed...again
6:30 am - up, sore, annoyed
7:15 am - go back to bed...AGAIN again
9:00 am - say fuck it and get back up

Welcome to Day 4 of Frank's battle with demons in the form of flu.

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