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Icon Denial, or Artistic Cock-Blocking

Well, sorry, backinblack23...the artist of the icon I had originally made for you not only did NOT want his art used for that icon, he pretty much brushed me off about without a second thought. So, I'll make another one, never you fear.

On the one hand, I do understand. He makes his living from his art, and thus doesn't want it used elsewhere, and I can respect that. On the other hand, it shows a symptom of the decline of this place. Not only would that have not hurt him nor cost him anything, nor would it have diminished his work or generated any cash that he could have been getting for himself, it would have also been free advertising for him. His work would have instantly reached more people...and while he may have already made a name for himself, he's not exactly a household word.

No, friends, we live in selfish and litigious times. Artists copy other artists, become businessmen with no more sight than the rest of the suits, their art stagnates, and others eclipse them and then follow suit...the cycle goes on. The days of individuality and creativity are not dead, but they are damn sure having trouble breathing. As soon as your art becomes your living, you have two choices: stick to what you want to do, or conform to the cash. Choice B will get you more money and fame, but you are at the mercy of the biz, and you will ultimately fall. Choice A will get you less, but you have your freedom to do what you choose, reinvent as you please, and stay true to the Art.

Whatever. I asked, he denied, I have removed all copies of the icon in question, even from my own drives...I don't WANT it around any more; it's a reminder of things that annoy me. There's a world of images out there, waiting to be spread around.

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