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Gonna let you get a glimpse of just how big a game geek I am.

Last Thursday, Di and I made up characters to have John run a game of Vampire. After some thought and fooling about, I came up with mine: Jack Maxwell, a Malkavian. Jack had formerly been a newspaper reporter, a real conspiracy nut. He had his own column in the Detroit Free Press, for a time. His researches had led him to discover that various bits of occult knowledge were real, but when he spoke of it, his colleagues only decided he was crazier than normal. Anyway, you get the idea.

Well, after the character was done, I got to working...mind running, imagining things. The end result?

A sample front page, with his column:

Took more work than I initially thought it would. Getting the column in was easy, but the more I looked, the more details popped out at me as incongruous. I had to go in and change things to be based in Detroit instead of Washington, which meant I had to look things up like: the Piston's roster, a suburb name to replace 'Bothell', the governor, etc. And, of course, in my own way, had to toss a couple jokes in there. The column itself is based off an entry of mine from a few months back, bitching about journalists. ;) The mock-up is not based off the actual DFP...the layout they use didn't work for what I wanted. It's actually from a recent issue of the Everett, WA, Daily Herald.

And here's one of those ads you see on the sides of public buses:

The dude's pic is heavily pixelated, I know. I took it right off the paper, and the original pic was crappy to begin with. If this was something "real" work-wise, I'd have done better, but since it's just for my own fun, I didn't care.

Yeah, I go all the way, and further, sometimes.

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