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Lots of answers to this last one, and most of them danced around the answer, but very few got it on the nose: Neon's new lenses were contacts, and Shady didn't realize he was wearing them, and foolishly put the prescription sunglasses on him. Neon would not have worn both, thus making his death suspicious.

OK, enough murder for now, let's do a little physics figurin':
Two identical tanks full of water are being drained at the same time. One of the tanks has one 2-centimetre circular drain outlet, and the other has two 1-centimetre drain outlets. Will one of the tanks empty faster than the other? Explain.

ADDED: I'll clarify: the tanks are open on top, so no worries about air flow. Assume the tanks are fixed in place, so dumping them is not an option, and there is no shifting of contents. The water is at a uniform 70 degrees, at sea level. Geez, you guys are picky. ;)

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