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So, let's see...what assaults me first thing in the morning?

  • Courtney Love to play Linda Lovelace - Well, if we're gonna have a film about the Deep Throat star's life, we should probably get a funky looking, drug-whore to do it. Can't really complain about the casting here, but I do find it amusing. (site is NSFW)
  • Interviews with the director of Watchmen: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 - Hmm. well, this is one of those comic book films that the concept alone bothers me, because Watchmen was just such a sublime piece of art-and-story, and knowing Hollywood's tendency to reduce everything beautiful to bland one-liners and overdone effects, well, I balked (I heard another rumour that V For Vendetta is basically being reduced to a "what if Germany won WWII?" flick)...but he sounds like, at the very least, his heart and his vision is in the right place. Let's hope.
  • Bad Baby Name: some 'white supremacist' fucks have named their baby Aryan Justice, if you can believe that (female child), right here in Oregon. *sigh* And here I was, happy to have left that crap behind when I left the South. The forum post of congratulations (at Stormfront.org, which is a 'white power' site, just a warning...too bad, really, that's a cool URL/name) is kind of amusing, in a sick kind of way.
And, just to finish off the morning, a couple political cartoons...


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