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Yeah, yeah, I'm a slacker. Sue me. As for the draining tanks, if you said that the double-holed tank would drain faster, then you are sorely mistaken. You could fit both 1-cm diameter holes in the middle of the single 2-cm diameter holes, and still have room left over...the single-holer will drain faster.

Let's get back on track:
Sam Slug was found guilty of murder and sentenced to death. While waiting on death row, he escaped, got hold of a gun, and managed to board a plane. Just before departure, Sam hijacked the plane and ordered all the passengers off. His next demand was for $500,000 in a heavy bag, and a parachute. He then instructed the pilot to turn his radio off and fly the plane at low altitude. When Sam saw the area he liked he strapped the parachute on and leapt from the plane. Unfortunately for Sam, in his excitement he forgot the money. When the pilot returned to the airport, he reported to Detective Shadow that Sam Slug had made a successful escape but had left the money. Shadow immediately announced the case was closed. Why would Shadow not search for a convicted murderer?

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