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While the answer of being too close to the ground for the parachute to open is possible, not actually knowing the altitude makes it hard to say yes or no on that. The fact of the matter was that Sam was given a defective parachute with a hole in it. Sucker. Good thinking, daddygod and shizukagozen.

OK, two today, because they are small:
1. Professor Quantum was motoring along at a leisurely pace when he suddenly realized he was late for a lecture. He sped up and took the next corner on two wheels right in front of a policeman. The lawman made no effort to pull him over. How could the professor get away with such driving habits?

2. Captain Frank was passing through a small town when he decided to get a haircut. There was only one barber shop in town, employing two barbers. One of the barbers had nice, neatly trimmed hair, and the other looked like his hair had been cut with hedge clippers. Which of the two should Captain Frank choose to cut his hair?
Because, you know, everyone, at some point, stops in the middle of a trip, in a small nameless town, for a haircut.

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