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Yeah, see, that's why I gave you two: I knew they were easy. The professor's two-wheeled turn was no big legal problem, since he was on a motorcycle (bicycle was OK), and of course the shaggy-headed barber must be the creator of the perfect haircut, so that was the one Captain Frank chose to trim his own hair.

Time to get a little more creative. A banking scam, perhaps?
The R.C.M.P. and Revenue Canada had been trailing suspected drug dealer Wily Hope, in anticipation of catching him with large amounts of unaccountable cash. Time and again, Wily would board a plane and fatten his bank account in Switzerland. Each time he was about to leave, the authorities would search him and his luggage, and aside form the clothes on his back, all he carried was a pair of sunglasses, a wallet containing several hundred American dollars, credit cards, and loose change. He also carried an overnight bag which held a change of clothes, toiletries, and necessary banking papers. Wily Hope was managing to take a fortune out of the country right under the authorities' watchful eyes. How was he doing it?
ADDENDUM: Nope, no henchmen. Wily's a one-man operation, on the money end.

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