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Expand Your Mind

Wily Hope would have gotten past almost all of you guys...the rare and expensive coins in his loose change let him smuggle lots of revenue out of the country.

Weekend three!
1. "That Abdullah is one rich Arab," muttered Ali Buba. "As a matter of fact, he owns 100 or more camels." "Not a chance," replied Ishmael, "I know for certain he owns fewer than 100 camels." Farouk joined in, "Well let us put it this way, he owns at least one camel." If only one of their statements is true, how many camels does Abdullah own?

2. Mr. Dodgers and the children in the neighbourhood are raking leaves at Mr. Dodgers house. They have three piles of leaves in the back yard, and seven piles of leaves in the front yard. When Mr. Dodgers and the children put all the piles together, how many piles of leaves will they have?

3. John F. Kennedy was the youngest person ever elected to the presidency. How did it come about that he was the second-youngest man to hold this office?
Have a good weekend!

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