God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll


Ever wake up and feel like you never went to bed? That's me today. Tired, sore, warm, eyes burning...feels like I never went to sleep. Yeah, this sucks.

Let' see...spent a good chunk of the day on whiny_general's computer. She finally got DSL, so I got to get it all installed and up-and-running, with everythign involved in that. In and of itself, that's not hard, but figure this: this machine is a Win98 machine (first edition) that has never been updated. Even with the DSL, the speed isn't what it could be (old machine and out in the boonies)...so the WindowsUpdates.com updating alone took forever.

Ooh, backache...sure, why not.

Had a good time seeing rifkinite and lovemotionstory last night. Met plenty of good people, too. Ran into karzon, too, which was an unexpected bonus. I was lucky enough that rifkinite was getting rid of a couple things, and handed them off to me, so I walked away with a new leather cycle jacket and a new leather trenchcoat (both in excellent condition, and both lighter weight than the ones I already have...summer weight leather = happy me!), as well as a kick-ass dark grey workshirt with an angelic Bettie Page on the back.

A rum and coke is working it's way down my gullet, and I'm holed up back here with whiny_general's computer, so I can avoid having to watch Shark Tale. Maybe I'm just in a bit of a rotten mood right now, but am I the only person left who thinks all these CGI animated films are fuckin' annoying? I'm tired of being looked at funny because I'm down on these...fuckin' sue me.

Know what? I feel like shit. Better I just don't say anything more.

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