God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
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Hang Up My Spurs

I swear, the urge to just give up is overwhelming, sometimes.

I used to think I could make a difference in this world. Just one tiny thing, some small, minuscule difference that might move us one step closer to being worthy of getting off this rock. I even knew that it probably wouldn't actually happen in my lifetime; I just hoped I'd see a slight move in a direction that I could say "there, it's gonna happen".

But the more crap I see, the more I watch these humans slide further and further into insanity. The sheer weight of numbers is against me. The ability of the human mind to forget the past and act in the most useless manner possible for the worst reasons scares me, more than it ever has. I'm constantly amazed at how people can demand changes and act on ideals that are so against what they themselves grew up with (and which must have worked just fine, since they are alive and well). It's as if, somewhere around your mid-30's, especially if you've had kids, your mind is sucked out of your ass and replaced with warm tapioca pudding.

Is this it? Is the human race so content with mediocrity? Is actually wanting and expecting more THAT rare anymore? Apparently so.

I just want to give up...I've just about come to the conclusion that it's just not gonna happen.

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