God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
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Expand Your Mind

You know, having Erik and Dianna home for a couple of days screwed with my mental schedule. I'm not used to them being here during the day, except for Sundays, so I spent most of yesterday thinking it was Sunday...oops.

OK, answers to Friday's questions:
1. Abdullah's Camels - Abdullah doesn't own any camels. Remember, only ONE statement can be true. If the first statement is the true one, then the last one must also be true, which cannot be (since only one statemtn is true). If the last statement is true, then so is the second, which is, again, impossible. Thus, we can disregard the first and third statements. This leaves us with only the second as possible to be the only one true. If Abdullah owns ANY camels at all, it will make the third correct as well, thus the only number he can own is zero. Congrats to maxomai and synthclarion for getting through that convoluted one.

2. Dodger's leaf pile: do I even need to say that everyone correctly guessed there'd be one big pile? ;)

3. Presidential Ages: wenchravenna was correct in saying that, while JFK may have been the youngest ELECTED Prez (age 43), Teddy Roosevelt assumed the position at age 42 after McKinley was assassinated.
A good weekend's logic-ing. Ready to get grooving for today? Chew on this one...
It was midnight when Shadow pulled up to the home of Sam Sham. Sam was on his front lawn photographing the heavens. Shadow began: "There was a break-in at a local jewelry store a couple hours ago and an eye witness claims to have seen a man fitting your description fleeing the scene." Sam quickly replied, "It wasn't me, I've been here taking pictures of the 'Little Dipper' for the past two hours. The stars are particularly clear on such a dark night." Sam clicked the shutter of his camera closed and said, "There, I've just finished a two-hour exposure. I'll go and develop this picture, and prove my innocence." When Shadow examined the developed photograph, he saw a perfectly clear picture of the 'Little Dipper'. Would the photograph substantiate Sam's alibi?

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