God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

OK, Let's See Here...

OK, so all the web work yesterday got me behind...I'll update "Expand Your Mind" as soon as I'm done with this.

- My gloves still haven't arrived, and we seem to have lost the e-mail with the shipping info, so it's just a waiting game.

- Yes, I still have icons to make, and I am getting to them.

- zombiedip works with a bunch of salty cunts, frankly. hate to be quite that vulgar, but I gotta tell ya, if that were MY company, I'd have fired the lot of them long ago. These fuckin' morons constantly disregard procedure and fuck around, making the company lose money, and no one ever disciplines them or anything. Bad workers, bad management, I can't see how they stay in business. Their actions make her stressed, and thus it affects my life, too. REALLY want to just walk in there with a 2x4 and start cracking skulls.

- ibdreamy is damn near impossible to get hold of. I have a package for her, and I can't seem to hook up. Gotta get that to her, too, since she's due to give birth any day now.

- Looks like I'm working Security for the final scene shooting of Flesh of my Flesh. That means Friday and Saturday are now occupied, for me. Shooting Sunday, too, and afterwards is the Wrap Party, but I can't do Sunday. Not sure why the party is on a SUNDAY, seems foolish to me, but whatever. Wish I wasn't missing it, but I have a family, and that comes first.

- REALLY glad I got paid, since that money just saved our asses. No details, just happy about it.

- Half out of it, because I stayed up entirely too late. Went to bed, and picked up my book to read a bit, (Timeline, by Michael Crichton)...not a bad start. Not amazing, but somehow, it hooked me. Oh well, nothing going on today anyway.

- Can I just say this again? FlatOut is the best damn race game I've ever played. The detail is AMAZING. I've got everything maxxed out, graphically, and there's not so much as a hiccup, and shit looks realistic. I mean, SCARY real. Just delicious. Dunno why they're waiting so long to release it to America (much thanks to friends willing to mail overseas!). Seriously, if you have any chance at all of checking it out, do.

- Something slammed into the wall of my house last night, right next to where I sit. Scared the shit out of both of us, but when I checked, there was nothing there. Creeeeeeepy.

- Check this thing out: Maroon Bat Plant...tell me that's not one of the coolest plants you've ever seen! (thanks for the link, roocifer!)

- Speaking of odd looking things, dig the art and figure work of Joseph Seigenthaler. Creepy stuff...wild.

Well, I gotta get something for lunch, as there's nothing in the house.

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