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Good job, all of you, for knowing that a two-hour exposure of the stars would show trails due to the Earth's rotation, and thus the picture is no good as an alibi. Besides, my other thought was this: who says he couldn't have set the camera, gone to commit the crime, and come back, anyway? ;)

OK, wrap your heads around this one:
A local jewelry store (not the same one as last time!) was robbed and the sack of stolen jewels was found several miles from town in some bushes. Shadow had two suspects, Sid Shady and Sam Slug, but made no attempt to investigate or interrogate either of them. Two days later, Shadow summoned both Slug and Shady to his office and promptly arrested the guilty party. Without any investigative work, how could Shadow be certain of arresting the right man?
Detective Shadow must be on the Jewelry Store Robbery Squad this week.

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