God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

End Of An Era...And Wildly Insane Christians

End of an Era: Sony buying MGM/UA - Yep, it's all about selling DVDs, these days. These once cinematic giants are on the way out. Sad, really. Reading the history of the company is almost sad, seeing how it was once huge, ruling the roost, and how it slid, further and further, until it has reached this point where it may disappear from all but the bargain bins of the world.

Wildly Insane Christians: I mean it, this isn't a normal rant against organized religion, this is singling out someone who the rest of you need to go do something horrible to, simply for making Christianity look bad. According to this article, originally from 'The Watchtower', cats are tools of the Devil, and God-fearing Christians should not own them. Talk about scripture out of context; this rather lengthy and bizarre article goes whole fucking hog on the subject, calling down fire and brimstone upon felines and those that would own them, to the point of suggesting (but, legally taking no responsibility, of course) that you kill them, just as you would an unruly child, if the "laws of Man" didn't stop you. I'd love to go into detail, but, damn, I could be here forever; take 20 minutes or so, sit down, and read through this. Try to get through the whole thing, because just as you think you've hit the limit, it gets deeper.

People like this bother me. A lot. The fact that we allow their loud screaming to drown out simple logic bothers me more.

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