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As If It Couldn't Get Any Worse...

So, after yesterday, all i wanted to do was go home, and relax in front of the Magdalene, playing Theif II. So I go home, drop my bag and jacket, slump into my chair, and turn on the computer.

Nothing. Not a sausage.

Yep, computer won't turn on. And, after 45 minutes with tech support, we come to the conclusion that while the power supply is fine, the switch itself is shot. So, can they send me a new switch, let me install it? NO. Can I take it into the local store, and have them swap it out? NO. I can do it myself, if I want to void my warranty. Or, I can pack up the entire box and send the fucking thing to TEXAS, so they can replace the switch. Fuckin' Gateway...

Fuck that. Tomorrow I take it into my local tech shop, see if they can wire me a new switch.

Oh, and I STILL don't know if they are gonna let me officially transfer to tech support or not.

(*sigh*) Jesus H. Christ on a bun with tartar sauce...

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