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A few I've seen recently...

Coffee And Cigarettes - Now, I like Jim Jarmusch's Ghost Dog, it was a great film. Sadly, he has much more of a tendency to do art-house banality. Take Coffee and Cigarettes. 11 small vignettes, all with a common thread of people talking over coffee and cigarettes. Lots of recognizable actors (some you know by name, some you go "I've seen that guy in something..."), no plot, no hook. It just sort of happens. Don't get me wrong, I can enjoy something like that...but I didn't, in this case. The film just sorta rolled on and on, and I found myself, most of the time, wondering how much longer this was going to drag on. One segment was fabulous, that being Iggy Pop and Tom Waits chatting. Both of them claiming they didn't smoke anymore, but what the Hell, they'd have one, and just kinda awkwardly shooting the shit, Tom claiming he was a doctor, Iggy trying to remove his foot from his mouth, repeatedly...it was fun to watch. Past that? *yawn*

Code 46 - Picked this up because it's got Tim Robbins in it, and he's always grand. The idea behind it sounded interesting, too. Overall, the film was a disappointing. There was too much backstory that they didn't really explore enough, and it made the film a little hard to get your head around, sometimes. Also, set in the future as it was, the universal patois spoken by people was primarily English, with occasional terms in Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, and a few I think they just made up; this made it even HARDER to follow. Some of the camera work was odd, and the ending was just kinda 'there'. Yet another film that had a lot of potential, and didn't deliver...but could have, if they'd just spent a little more time on exposition and a little less on art.

The Final Cut - Ever since Robin Williams got older and started doing odd, dark movies, I've been twice as much of a fan of his as before. Insomnia and One Hour Photo were fabulous, as was Death To Smoochy...and this follows nicely. Another future film, but one that is explained and handled much better. Quite enjoyable, though it had a couple annoying points, the first being that Mira Sorvino was wasted in the film, and her hairdresser should be shot. Raised some creepy questions...yeah, I dug this one.

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