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Dianna felt a bit under, so she crashed out early, and I stayed up on my quest to make a WMV file Mac-friendly. Eventually, my headache overcame my geek-desire to make it work, and I crashed out. As I was getting ready to shut everything down, I discovered an annoying little bit that made the failure my fault, at least a good chunk, but looking at the results I was getting, it wouldn't have worked anyway.

Got some confirmation on a situation that was less-than-perfectly-groovy. Thankfully, I'm not in the midst of it, but I could have been if it progressed, and that makes me a little annoyed at being used. Ah well, no need to go on about it.

Head still hurts, but the water is helping. Part of me wants to go back to figuring out that video file thing, part of me no longer cares. Think I'll hit up the Sluggy Freelance archives, instead.

I need a drink. And a cookie. And a cuddle. Hey, as long as I'm asking, a trip to Europe wouldn't be so bad either.

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