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Congrats to swanwhite and wesa for correctly answering yesterday that the iron doughnut's hole will get larger as the metal is heated; nods of the head to karzon and daddygod who were on the right track, just went too far. ;)
As the iron doughnut heats, the metal would expand, as the molecules need more room to move with the increased energy. the inner circumference of the circle would have to expand...the ring growing smaller would mean those molecules were actually getting closer together. The doughnut will end up keeping the same proportions as it expands. The same principle applies to a stubborn metal lid on a jar: put it under hot water, and it will expand, making it easy to remove.
OK, here's a new one for you, and archaeological theme with our egghead buddy...
Professor Quantum was on a dig for fossils and other artefacts in the far north. While digging through the layers of snow and frozen tundra, he came across a perfectly preserved body of a man. Upon closer examination, Professor Quantum leaped for joy at the magnitude of his discovery. the frozen body was none other than that of Adam from the Bible. What was it about his body that convinced the professor that this was Adam?

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