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Links within links got me to this bit of fluff, but I gotta say, I just gained a couple respect points for Kate Winslet, if only because she made me laugh:
Kate Winslet Overshares

"In the end, I have exactly the same issues and hang-ups as any woman would have going down the red carpet," the British beauty tells Glamour UK. "You know, what if I step on my train and tear my dress? What if I get my period? That's why a back-up black dress is essential. When I read how an actress 'made a statement in black,' I just think, 'Oh, period or fat day.' Sometimes you just don't feel confident enough to wear twinkly yellow taffeta." Yeah, yeah, we know, waaaaay too much information, but we'll bet dollars to doughnuts you'll never look at a celebrity in a black dress quite the same way again.makes me want to go back and look at the red carpet pix from the Oscars, just to giggle.

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