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S2 Style Contest

So, you may not be aware that LJ was having a Style Contest. That's OK, I forgive you...this time. But, dammit, put news on your friends list!

Anyway, submissions are closed, and it's time to vote. basically, LJ asked for submissions of new S2 Styles, and they are there for you, as users to vote on...

So Go Vote!

I gotta say, though...I'm not overly impressed. I mean, good on anyone that had the skill and gumption to participate, rock on wit'ya bad selves...but most of these are just, just...boring. A couple are boring, but for good reason (styles meant to be viewed on mobile devices, for instance), but over all, they're just variations on a theme. Same kinda stuff I already see. Still, there were a few that I thought really did something different, interesting, and appealing to a wide audience, and they got my vote (not saying what, though, 'cause I don't want to sway you).

So, go vote. Be part of LJ, ya durn galoots.
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