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Just random thoughts, etc.

- Yahoo had a strange hiccup last night and sent me 5 e-mails, form a yahoogroup that hasn't been active for 3 years. They were the last five messages of the group, dated July of 2002, I remember them well. A PBeM AD&D campaign. Why they were just sent to me, again, after 3 years is beyond me.

- Apparently, after all this time, we're finally getting some motion sensor outside lights here at the duplex. Since I'm on the end, by the street, apparently, they want me to be home while the guy installs them...but I cannot figure out WHY. So, instead of going to the farm today, I'm hanging out here at the house while Di and Erik go.

- My gloves STILL haven't arrived. I asked Di to try and find out why not, but she's been busy this week, so I have no idea.

- More bizarre dreams last night. Not bad, just vivid and clear, yet confusing, the kind where I wake up and it takes me a few minutes before I can even go "Um, 'da heck?" Neck and shoulders sore, must have slept on them wrong.

- Planning on doing some random, anyone-can-use icons soon. Yes, there are still a couple people on my icon list, and I haven't forgotten you, I just need to clear some ideas out of my head.

- You know what sucks? When you are told you are creative, and so you give the group something you feel is fairly interesting to peruse, and you get no response. Makes you wonder what you were thinking...but I already had that thought.

- On the flipside? Feels good to have someone ask your opinion on something, because they seem to respect it, when you happen to think they are good at what they do.

- Really missing my old crew and old times lately. Missing having the kind of friends that were always together, having laughs and enjoying the time, like-minded and similar attitudes. Smoke in one hand, drink in the other, falling apart over something someone said. Late-night chats in greasy spoons. Long hair and loud music. Those days are gone, but not forgotten. I'm not lamenting the place I'm at, just remembering fondly the place I was.

lusus naturae, deus absconditus

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