God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Stupid Fucking Workers

OK, so Electrical Guy (hereafter referred to as EG) comes by to install those outside lights, right? I'm sitting here, minding my own business. he steps in, looks at the corner (this is where my computer and stuff is) and actually has the balls to ask if there's an open plug over there. I laughed in his face and told him "fuck no."

So, there's another guy with him, and as EG walks around, I asked "what, is he gonna drill a hole through the wall and run a cord down to my plug? 'Cause I'm not OK with that." Other Guy mumbled something about running a cable down through the wall to connect it to the outlet, and wandered off. I had a sinking feeling, but left it alone.

So, EG decides to just put the light, not at the corner, but right over where my outside light is, right next to the door. Seems a little odd, but OK, whatever. So, he is going to connect the power cable in where the light switch to both the outside light and my inside floor lamp is, and he gets started. Meanwhile, I'm online, doing my thing, chatting with nythien, etc...

...when everything goes dark. Everything. Complete shut-down, all systems, no warning. I look up, and dude is looking at me like he thinks I might come out of my chair for him, and says, "Oops, sorry, should have warned you about that. Just a second." I'm telling you, I could have brained him. Apparently, he loosened some wire nuts to get at the wires, and all of them just fell apart in his hands, so all the power to this SIDE OF THE HOUSE went out.

He starts fucking with the wires, gets it back on, tells me it'll happen again (thankfully, I'd killed the power strip on the systems by this point), and after some more time of the power flickering around, he finally gets it all wired back together. He kinda winces and says that he hopes I didn't lose too much work (Gee thanks, Jack), so I told him it was nothing a couple more hours of work wouldn't replace...I was beyond pissed.

Stupid fuckin' humans. And he's a virus-infected AOLien, to boot.

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