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Point to kidmissile who figured out Mr. Greenwich's time dilemma:
When he left home, Mr. Greenwich wound his clock and noted the time. When he returned, the clock told him how long he'd taken walking to Mr. Terminal's house, visiting, and returning home. He also noted the time of arrival and departure at Mr. terminal's house, so he knew how much time he'd spent there. Taking that time form the elapsed time gave him his travel time, and half of that would be the travel time one way. Adding that to his departure time from Mr. Terminal's house gave him the correct time, and he reset his clock.
Convoluted? Sure. But I guess that's life when you have no modern conveniences. On to today's problem!
Shadow received a near-hysterical call from Art Dodger. "Some thief has pried my safe open and made off with all my wife's jewelry! Come over straight away, please!" When Shadow arrived, Art recounted his story. "My wife's in the hospital, so I've had to fend for myself. I was in the kitchen making dinner, when I heard a loud noise in the basement. I rushed to the hall to see this woman race past me and out the front door. I suddenly realized she was carrying my wife's jewelry case. I ran down the street after her, but she was a very fast runner and after several blocks she lost me. I walked to a nearby phone and called you immediately." Shadow looked down at the damaged safe and remarked, "You better not try that pathetic story with the insurance company or they'll charge you with fraud." What's wrong with Art's story?

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