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A Little Good News

Well, at least I'm in a slightly better mood today. I needed that. Last night, we sat around at Heidi's, because we were gonna help her clean out an apartment, but she ended up not having to. Which meant aimlessly sitting in her apartment, Alice and Jeremy firmly entwined on the couch, bored as all Hell. Oh well, at least I got home early-ish for a change and got a decent night's sleep. Hell, even woke up well before the alarm.

Thought I was gonna get REALLY pissed, because they did some friggin' updates to the computers and screwed the display drivers to hell and back, but luckily it was easily fixable. The good news is this: starting Monday, I get my new shift, 10:30-7:30. The bonus: no more getting up at 4:30 in the morning, no more depending on rides as much, I can take the bus. Plus, if I stay at Heidi's, I don't have to get up so fuckin' early, and can still do the bus thing...I probably should find out that route and the times on it.

Still haven't heard anything about the position here or any of my resumes...(*sigh*)...but, perseverance!

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