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A tough one, it seems, but, as usual, it was mostly just sneaky. Congrats to wesa and swanwhite (and to siggirl45 who was on the right track) who noticed that Art wouldn't have known the safe was pried open, if he'd gone after the thief immediately, like he claims, since that means he hadn't gone in the basement.

Well, it's Monday morning, and work is undoubtedly annoying you...how about a mind-break, eh?
Mrs. Shady is lying dead on a bed, and on the floor beside it is a pair of scissors. The scissors were instrumental in her death, yet there is no trace of blood. Mrs. Shady's body reveals no signs of any cuts or bruises. How could she have been murdered with the pair of scissors?

Slight Edit: Mrs. Shady is not in the hospital, nor in poor health.
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