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Right off the bat, no matter what you feel about the whole Terry Schiavo thing, this item on eBay is just fucked-up, or at least stupid. Description: These mixed media cufflinks, lacquer top, rest nickel plated brass have been completely crafted by hand and feature a digital graphic image of Terro Schiavo having been crucified. . Measurements: Approximately 1" x 1". Yeah, just what the world needs...why exactly would you want these?

OK, I'm really trying, lately, to not be as "angry ranty" about some things. I still think Hollywood is a bunch of idiots who have replaced the art of movie-making with a severe case of money-hungry-itis, and I still disagree with most of the American public about movies, and think things like "xXx 2: State of the Union" are just bad ideas, and so on and so on. This being said, I hope you can appreciate how much I'm holding back at the knowledge that not only is Disney filming, not one, but two sequels to Pirates of the Caribbean (and doing them simultaneously, no less, which I find obnoxious, every time it's done...and generally, it turns out to be a bad idea), but that Keith Richards is supposedly in the second one. Yeah, that's a great idea, why not get Ozzy while you're at it, and then just subtitle the whole thing? Chow Yun-Fat is in it, too...*sigh*. Whatever. I know some of you are going to just squee over this, and that's just groovy for you. I'm not the target demographic, here, must remember that.

And, just to be weird, next time you have to find a present for that special someone who is full of shit, get 'em a Turd Twister!

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