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OK, sorry for the delay, work crawled on top of me. Congrats to all who figured out discordian's bridge problem:
Step 1: 1minute and 2minute cross the bridge (2 total minutes used)
Step 2: Either one returns.. lets say 1minute (3 total minutes used)
Step 3: 5minute and 10minute cross (13 total minutes used)
Step 4: 2minute returns (15 total minutes used)
Step 5: 1minute and 2minute cross (17 total minutes)

It works out the same way if 2minutes guy goes back in step 2 and the
1minute guy goes to collect him in step 4.
OK, let's get it on:
A man's young daughter is kidnapped. After several tense days, the kidnapper sends the man the girl's left ear. Instead of being dismayed, the man is relieved. He ceases all communications with the kidnapper. The man is good and caring, and it is definitely his daughter's ear...so why is the man happy?

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