God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll


As stated, it hasn't been all bad. There are people I want to thank for what they have done.

discordian: As usual, you've smacked me occasionally, when i needed it...and gotten me in arguments which distracted me long enough to get me back on track. Always miss you, m'man.
velvetacidgrrl: For all the bullshit, we remained friends. I'm glad for that.
hazeleyedgal_25: For making me smile.
cenobitten: For reminding me of what I am...and what I can be.
caliban and 01flux: For being a pair of great friends, and for being able to put up with me.
My Dad: for not giving up on me.
My Mom: for finally shutting up and listening to me.
My Grandfather: for showing me that I was wrong, and letting me save face by not admitting that he noticed I backtracked.
erotocism: for just being entirely too cool, and reminding me what true beauty means
alicynx: for making me feel useful and good
annathema667: for helping alleviate many a stressful time, without knowing it, through her music
priestofcards: for continuing to be a close friend
red_baron: for not losing touch
insteadofsilent: for understanding, even if she didn't want to...and not hating me for it.
kespernorth: for being a cool friend to have, and for getting me to laugh when I need it
ravenlace: for being my sounding board when I needed it...and for knowing I needed it before I even admitted it
rayce: for being hella cool, and for making me feel good
wolfye: for reminding me what I like most about myself by mirroring it

And, perhaps most of all, my darling nysidra, for capturing my heart, and replacing it with her own...for showing me what I had lost and teaching me what I had forgotten...and for making me happier to face the new day.

I love you all. Happy Days, Happier Nights,and Happiest Lives.

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