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Apparently, Cheerleading Leads To Sexual Problems

It seems a bill has passed the Texas House and is now going to it's Senate which will outlaw any cheerleading move deemed as sexually suggestive and provocative. According to the bill's sponsor, Rep. Al Edwards, D-Houston, this lewd cheerleading is enough of a cause of "more of our young girls being pregnant in middle and high schools, dropping out of school, having babies, and contracting AIDS and herpes" that it deserves to be legislated.

Um, yeah. Ooooooookay. Cause, you know, it had nothing to do with actual SEX, it's flipping girls in short skirts. That leads to herpes. And babies. And general foolishness.

Grow up. Frankly, I'm surprised a state so ingrained with things like high school football and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders would support this at all. Just one more example of fighting the symptoms instead fighting the disease. Wanna stop teen pregnancy/STDs? EDUCATION. Sorry to burst your conservative bubbles, but it WORKS. Trying to hide things doesn't stop them. For fuck's sakes, lewd cheerleading, now...whatever.

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